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Arklight Aeon's End: Legacy Complete Japanese Version

Arklight Aeon's End: Legacy Complete Japanese Version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
Copyright: 4542325316061
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EAN: 4542325316061
A full-scale sequel with legacy elements added to the cooperative deck building game "Aeon's End"!

The stage is a world on the brink of destruction. The player becomes a novice "Breaking Magician", fights against powerful enemies "Nemesis" determined for each chapter, and aims to clear all campaigns.

The basic rules are almost unchanged from the previous work, and there are various legacy elements.
Each time the campaign progresses, envelopes, stickers, boxes, etc. will be opened one after another, and as a result, new enemies will appear and events such as character development will occur.
You can use stickers to develop your character to your favorite style, and you will have a special experience that will never be seen again, such as an unpredictable storyline and a wide variety of cards that are added one after another!
Even after the campaign ends, there is a card set that allows you to freely challenge Nemesis, so you can continue playing.
In addition, it is possible to mix the cards of this work with the basic set and play with the characters you created and play them with other series, like an expansion set.

*This product can be played alone.
As you progress through the campaign, you can also mix and play cards in the basic set.
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