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Arklight Cartographer Braves' departure complete Japanese version

Arklight Cartographer Braves' departure complete Japanese version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
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EAN: 4542325316443
A sister work of "Cartographer", which was nominated for multiple awards such as the German Game Awards 2020 Expert Division.

This work is a paper pen game in which you become a draftsman (cartographer) under the command of the Queen, and write the topography of randomly drawn cards on your own "map sheet" to complete the map.

There are no major changes to the game flow from Cartographer, but a new element called "Brave Cards" that can defeat monster icons will be added. Accurately record the terrain, defeat the monsters that stand in your way with the help of heroes, and incorporate new lands into your territory!
In addition, it is possible to play even if mixed with the cards of "Cartographer", you can enjoy different developments as many times as you like. In addition, you can expand the range of play by adding promo cards "skill cards"!

*This product is a standalone expansion set for "Cartographer". This product can be played by itself.
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