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Bandai Spirits 30MM 1/144 eEXM-S02M Forestieri 02

Bandai Spirits 30MM 1/144 eEXM-S02M Forestieri 02

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Manufacturer: バンダイスピリッツ
Copyright: (C) BANDAI SPIRITS 2019
List price: ¥1,210 円
EAN: 4573102639370
The Earth Allied Forces' new aircraft "eEXM-S02M Forestieri 02" is here! The concept of the 30MM series, "Block Assemble System" that thoroughly pursues ease of assembly is adopted!

Points of "Block Assembling System" <Point 1> Paki! Divide into "blocks"!
・By separating the runners, you can easily find them and enjoy intuitive assembly!
・Easy to identify used runners and easy parts management!
<Point 2> Assembled for each "block", no pinching at all! A complete refitting mechanism is realized!
・It is possible to assemble quickly without fear of making mistakes!
・Because it is a complete refitting mechanism, customization after completion can be done smoothly!

In addition to the rifle and beam sword, the new Roiroi is included.
The beam sword handle and rifle can be attached to the backpack.
The handle of the beam sword can also be attached to the thigh.
A common joint structure that can be mixed with existing 30MM series items, 3mm joints are adopted to realize various customizations.

Accessories ・Rifle x 1
・ Beam sword x 1
・ Roiroi × 1
・ Hand parts x 1 formula
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