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Bandai Spirits Planosaurus Stegosaurus

Bandai Spirits Planosaurus Stegosaurus

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Manufacturer: バンダイスピリッツ
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EAN: 4573102651105
From "Planosaurus", a brand that allows you to "know all about dinosaurs" by assembling them yourself while checking the skeleton and skin of dinosaurs one by one, "Stegosaurus" featuring two rows of bone plates on the back is now available!

You can know from the internal structure of the dinosaur with "skeletal build".
"Dinosaur build" restores the appearance of a dinosaur with specifications unique to plastic models that attach outer skin parts from the top of the skeleton.
It is easy to assemble because tools such as nippers and adhesives are not required.
Detailed details such as hard bone tacks and bony armor on the sides of the body to protect yourself from carnivorous dinosaurs are also faithfully reproduced.
Characteristic back bone plates and tail spines are included for each form of "skeletal build" and "dinosaur build".
Various parts such as forelimbs, hindlimbs, and neck are movable, and display is possible in your favorite pose.

Accessories ・Seal x 1
・Pedestal x 1
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