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KOTOBUKIYA Arcanadia Verluta

KOTOBUKIYA Arcanadia Verluta

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: (C) KOTOBUKIYA
List price: ¥8,360 円
EAN: 4934054038206
From Kotobukiya's new series "Arcanadia" based on "SF x Fantasy", the devil type Dears "Verluta" is now available as a plastic model.

A three-dimensional illustration drawn by the popular illustrator "necömi", who is widely active in game illustrations and VTuber character designs.

By recombination of parts dedicated to each part, you can reproduce two types of forms with one product: non-combat state "Normal mode" and combat state "Wirise mode".
The division design of each part adopts a 3mm joint, and you can enjoy it in combination with the Kotobukiya original series so far.

By rearranging accessories, gimmicks, and special parts for each part, it is possible to reproduce two types of forms: non-combat state "Normal mode" and combat state "Wirise mode".
・Four types of tampo-printed expression parts are included.
-Includes a water transfer expression decal that allows you to create your favorite expression.
-The sideburns on both sides of the hair can be moved independently of the head by connecting ball joints.
-The pointed ear parts can be replaced with other Dear parts such as Lumitia.
・Ring parts for engaging with Verluta are included.
・The wings on the back, which are based on the image of a small devil, are attached to the joint parts at the base.
Both organic and beautiful design and flexible mobility.
-The magic circle-shaped parts that serve as the connection base for the wings are hexagram-shaped joints with a 3mm hole in the center, ensuring stable holding power. Compatible with Hexa Gear series joints.
-The upper arm armor parts can be attached in various positions by connecting with a 3mm diameter joint.
・Normal mode Legs have pull-out knee joints, allowing for both beautiful leg lines and a wide range of motion when the joints are not visible from the front when standing.
-Comes with a special weapon that changes mode from umbrella to lance.
-The waist skirt parts are connected using a 3mm joint attachment, allowing movement without alienating the character's movements.
-The tail extending from the waist is a joint part at the connection base, and the tail is also connected at two points, so it is possible to add various expressions according to the movement of the character.
・A special stand is included.
- 5 types of left and right PVC wrists are included. It is possible to have existing MSG, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series weapons.
-The 3mm diameter holes placed in each part can be used in combination with the existing MSG, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series weapons.
・Comes with a neck part to connect the head of Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device.
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