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Kotobukiya Alice Gear Aegis Kanagata soon

Kotobukiya Alice Gear Aegis Kanagata soon

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: © KOTOBUKIYA © Masaki Apsy © Toriwo Toriyama © Pyramid, Inc. / COLOPL, Inc.
List price: ¥13,200 円
EAN: 4934054041909
A new collaboration between the popular social game "Alice Gear Aegis" and "Megami Device" is now available!
Another version of the popular actress Suzumi Kanagata, "Suzumi Kanagata [Gashin]" is a plastic model with Megami Device specifications!

As an enclosed privilege, a "present code" that gives you items that can be used in the game is also included!
Pyramid is in charge of character design, and Kanetake Ebikawa is in charge of gear design!

Kanagata Sumimi [Wakataki] renews the body.
This is the first three-dimensional version of "Anthony", which has already been implemented in the game. In addition, the new SP "Magnum Ops" is included.
You can reproduce the complex color scheme of the in-game design as much as possible by dividing the parts into small parts, and you can enjoy it even without painting.
Fully equipped with rifles, one-handed swords, various gears, and new SP weapons!

"Megami Device" is an assembly type plastic model series that you can enjoy by attaching weapons and armor to the movable beautiful girl body.
The body is based on Maki Asai's "Machinika" and reproduces the characteristic ★4 another costume.

Accessories / Gimmick ・Sumi Kanagata exclusive present code "Sumi Kanagata exclusive ★ 4 gear set, etc." is attached.
-Comes with 3 types of painted expression parts.
-The new costume has movable side skirts for smooth posing.
・The new big-sized SP "Magnum Ops" incorporates a transformation and combination mechanism, allowing you to enjoy three forms.
・Completely reproduce the deformation of the top gear. In addition to various dedicated gear, you can play assuming various combat scenes such as rifles, one-handed swords, and SP weapons.
- You can reproduce the "armed mode" equipped with special gears and the "elementary mode" without gears by replacing parts.
・Combined use with the existing ``MSG'', ``Frame Arms'', ``Frame Arms Girl'', ``Hexa Gear'', ``Sosai Shoujo Teien'', and ``Arcanadia'' series due to the compatibility of the 3mm diameter joints and heads placed in each part. .
・Decals such as eyes and markings are included.
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