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Kotobukiya MSG Modeling Support Goods Mecha Supply 22 Ex Armor E

Kotobukiya MSG Modeling Support Goods Mecha Supply 22 Ex Armor E

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: (C) KOTOBUKIYA
List price: ¥1,650 円
EAN: 4934054053360
Skirt type armor appears in Mecha Supply's popular series "X Armor".

Excellent compatibility with beautiful girl plastic models such as Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device.
The two-color molding of white and clear blue makes it look vivid just by attaching it.
Armor parts can be removed not only by connecting with a 3mm diameter, but also clear parts can be removed and used as small armor parts.
* Due to shape restrictions, it is not compatible with all Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device products.

Product specifications ・The armor of each part can be moved forward and sideways, so it can be adapted to the character's dynamic action poses.
The connecting shaft of each part is unified to 3mm diameter, and can be freely recombined.
-Four types of adapter parts with different shapes are included, so you can use the one you like.

X Armor E body x 1 set
Adapter part A
Adapter part B
Adapter part C
Adapter part D
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