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Kotobukiya Zoids -ZOIDS- EZ-049 Sturmturan [Scheduled to be released in October 2023]

Kotobukiya Zoids -ZOIDS- EZ-049 Sturmturan [Scheduled to be released in October 2023]

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: (C) TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd. And used under license.
List price: ¥14,850 円
EAN: 4934054055586
Size: 330 mm
A lineup of crimson Zoids, Sturm Turan equipped with CAS "Sturm Unit" for Berserk Fuhrer!

The movable and deployable gimmicks of each part, including the removable gimmick "Changing Armor System" for each armor and the firing form of the charged particle cannon, are inherited from the popular Berserk Fuhrer, while the "Sturm Booster" and "Active Shield" are included. Renewed to a newly equipped high-speed fighting form.
The armor, which is different in shape from the Berserk Fuhrer of each part, is also reproduced without fail.
In addition, a general pilot figure is included and can be boarded in the cockpit.
Please add one of the most popular mobile suits, the red Zoids, to your lineup!

Gimmick Equipped with a gimmick "Changing Armor System" for attaching and detaching each armor, it is also possible to reproduce the frame state.
-The head cockpit can be opened and closed with a double hatch of armor and frame, and a general pilot figure is included for boarding.
-It is possible to attach and detach the Zoid core part built into the body.
・There is a 3mm diameter hole in the lower part of the fuselage and it is compatible with the separately sold flying base. (Recommend using Flying Base Neo)
-It is possible to reproduce the charged particle cannon firing form by extending the oral barrel, deploying the neck and tail armor, and deploying the heel anchor.
・It is possible to deploy the back booster "Sturm Booster" and "High Maneuver Thruster".
-The "Active Shield" equipped on the shoulder can be moved flexibly by the arm, and the built-in "X Breaker" can be moved independently of the top and bottom, allowing you to reproduce powerful fighting battles.
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