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Wave Space Knight Tekkaman Blade Tekkaman Evil (First Press Limited Edition)

Wave Space Knight Tekkaman Blade Tekkaman Evil (First Press Limited Edition)

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Manufacturer: ウェーブ
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Tekkaman Blade's nemesis, Evil, is here!

From the 1992 TV anime "Space Knight Tekkaman Blade" comes a plastic assembly model of Tekkaman Evil, transformed by Shinya Aiba, the twin brother of the main character D-Bowie (Takaya Aiba)! Based on the setting and images from the film, the massive, sharp-edged design has been rearranged into a product.
The figure is 220mm in height and has a wide range of movement at each joint, allowing the figure to be posed in various action poses.
The main weapon "Tech Lancer" is included in both its normal and crossed state. Evil's characteristic armament, "Ram Shoulder", which attaches to both hands with shoulder armor, can also be recreated. The
parts are molded in six different colors, so you can recreate the character's image without painting

The Limited First Edition includes a posing stand that allows you to display Evil in a bold pose (can also be used with the previously released Tekkaman Blade), as well as decorative parts inspired by the crystals on Evil and Blade as bonus parts.

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