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Arklight Monster Eater ~Dungeon Meal Board Game~

Arklight Monster Eater ~Dungeon Meal Board Game~

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The popular comic "Dungeon Meshi" is now available as a board game.

Challenge the labyrinth of the frenzied magician with each purpose in mind.
Based on Ginichiro Suzuki's masterpiece card game "Monster Maker", this game was created by Seiji Kanai, who continues to create numerous hits, so that you can enjoy the world of Ryoko Kui's masterpiece comic "Dungeon Meshi". becomes.

"Monster Eater" is a battle game in which each player controls their own adventurer party, traverses the labyrinth ruled by the "crazy magician", and competes for victory points.

Make full use of the adventurer party's abilities to advance through the labyrinth and send monsters to opponents who are progressing smoothly.
However, one of the major features of this work is that you can cook defeated monsters (and food procurement is very difficult).
There are various types of monsters, such as those that are "weak but profitable when cooked" and those that are "strong but cannot be cooked".
Depending on the monster, you may choose to have it appear in your labyrinth instead.

In addition to the many monsters in the game, the mysterious effects and items of the labyrinth color the adventure, and those who have read the original "Dungeon Meshi" will unintentionally grin.
In addition, the package illustrations and 28 character cards are drawn by the original author, Ryoko Kui.
Of course, even those who have not read the original can enjoy the game without any problems.
However, if you enjoyed the game, I highly recommend reading the original work.
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