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Arklight Aeon's End Complete Japanese Version

Arklight Aeon's End Complete Japanese Version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
Copyright: (C)Arclight, Inc.
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EAN: 4542325311028
This game is a cooperative deck building game with the feature of "do not shuffle the player's deck".
The player becomes the "Breaking Magician" and fights against the enemy "Nemesis" to protect the last stronghold of mankind, Gravehold.

The game is round-based, and the turn order changes randomly each round to represent the chaos of the conflict.
There is no player in charge of Nemesis, and on Nemesis' turn, the player processes according to the procedures specified by the rules and Nemesis' special card. }
There are 4 types of Nemesis in the game, and each one performs unique actions, so depending on which Nemesis you choose to join the game, different strategies will be required for each game!
On a player's turn, you can use spell cards, acquire gem cards, relic cards, spell cards, manipulate hole tiles, and use special abilities.
Acquire cards to strengthen your deck and cooperate with your friends to defeat Nemesis!

With 4 Nemesis with unique abilities, 8 unique player characters, and 27 types of cards used to strengthen the deck, the game combinations are endless.
You can also adjust the difficulty level, so you can enjoy it from beginners to advanced players.
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