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Arklight Nemesis Lockdown Japanese Version

Arklight Nemesis Lockdown Japanese Version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
List price: ¥27,500 円
EAN: 4542325316146
This work is a semi-cooperative game that aims to escape alive from a secret experimental base on Mars where mysterious space life forms are infested, and to achieve the goals imposed on each player.

Players will use the actions and items in their hand to establish a method for exploring and escaping the base. Elaborately crafted figures and a variety of events will enhance your immersion in the game, and you will be able to enjoy the development like a monster sci-fi movie, such as encounters with mysterious life forms and betrayal between players!

Unlike the previous work "Nemesis", various new elements that make use of the stage setting are incorporated, such as movement using electric power tokens and elevators, and walking on the surface of Mars where radioactivity is pouring down. Among them, the hostile alien life form called "Night Stalker" is a completely different enemy from the previous Intruder. Darkness is the environment in which Nightstalkers pose the greatest threat, and securing a light in the backup power supply room will be the key to survival.

Solo play is possible even in this work! In addition, you can play with characters and Intruders from the previous work.

*This product is a standalone expansion set for "Nemesis". This product can be played by itself.
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