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Arkwright Everdale Complete Japanese Edition

Arkwright Everdale Complete Japanese Edition

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Manufacturer: アークライト
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The Everdale Valley is full of charm. Under the branches of towering giant trees, a civilization of forest animals is blossoming. From the frosty winter to the bell-ringing autumn, the time has come for many years to further prepare the land and develop new cities. You are the leader of a herd of animals eager for such work. You have a busy year ahead of you, constructing buildings, welcoming motivated animals, and hosting annual events! Will the sun smile on your city before the winter moon rises?

This is an easy and fun worker placement building construction game. By consuming resources such as fruits and sap, you can develop your own city by playing "animal cards" and "building cards" with various abilities.

The world view expressed by the presence of the "Tree of Eternity" and beautiful illustrations is appealing! Everdale Valley has not only a cute but also a serious side... Once you start this game, you are already hooked on the world!

Everdale Complete Japanese Version "Product
SummaryPrice: ¥8,580 (including 10% consumption tax) Number

of players: 1 to
4Playing time: 40 to 80
minutesAge: 10 years old and

up● Components
- Animal & building cards: 128 (63 x 88 mm)
- Victory card: 1 (63 x 88 mm )- Special event cards: 16 (44 x 63 mm)- Forest card: 11 (63 x 44 mm)- Fruit token: 30

Special Event Cards: 16 (44 x 63mm )

, Forest Cards: 11 (63 x 44mm )

, Fruit Tokens: 30
, Twig Tokens: 30, Sap Tokens

: 25
, Pebble Tokens: 20
, Victory Points Tokens: 30
, Door Tokens: 20
, Worker Frames: 24
, Basic Event Tiles: 4 4 pieces
, 8-sided die: 1 piece

, game board: 1 piece
, Tree of Eternity: 1 set
, rules manual: 1 book

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