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Arklight Brass: Birmingham Complete Japanese Version

Arklight Brass: Birmingham Complete Japanese Version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
Copyright: (C) Arclight, Inc.
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EAN: 4542325320105
The Brass: Birmingham is an economic strategy game set in 1770-1870 England during the Industrial Revolution.

Players will become entrepreneurs and will compete for power in the West Midlands region (major cities: Birmingham, Burton, etc.), a heavy industrial area called "Black Country" centered on the steel industry. By laying canals and railways and constructing various industrial facilities, they plan to expand their influence.
The masterpiece board game "Brass" won the Portuguese Game of the Year Award in 2007. In contrast to the remake version of "Brass: Lancashire" (released at the same time), this work will be positioned as a completely new map version.
New facilities such as potteries and breweries have appeared, and the new resource "beer" is the key to strategy! It is already rated as one of the best masterpieces by overseas heavyweight board gamers!

* This work cannot be played by mixing "Brass: Lancashire".

Product contents ・Game board: 1 ・Personal board: 4 ・Person tile: 4 ・Income marker: 4 ・Victory point marker: 4 ・Transport tile: 56 ・Industrial tile: 180 ・Normal card: 64・Wild card: 8 ・Quick reference table: 4 ・Coin: 77 ・Tokens: 63 ・Rule manual: 1 ・Merchant tile: 9
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