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Arklight Brass: Lancashire Complete Japanese Version

Arklight Brass: Lancashire Complete Japanese Version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
Copyright: (C) Arclight, Inc.
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EAN: 4542325320112
Brass: Lancashire is an economic strategy game set in England during the industrial revolution of 1770-1870.

Players become entrepreneurs, cotton and coal are abundantly produced,
You will compete for power in the Lancashire region (major cities: Manchester, Liverpool, etc.), which became the "center of the industrial revolution".
By laying canals and railways and constructing various industrial facilities, they plan to expand their influence.
The long-awaited remake of the board game "Brass", which won the Portuguese Game of the Year Award in 2007, has a new design.
While the rules have been adjusted to be easier to understand, Wallace's unique cash flow difficulties are still alive and well this time.

* This work cannot be played by mixing "Brass: Birmingham".

Product content ・1 game board
4 personal boards
4 person tiles
Four Income Markers
4 victory point markers
56 transportation tiles
148 industrial tiles
66 cards
Four charts
77 coins
40 tokens
1 partition tile
1 rule manual
1 Far Market Marker
12 distant market tiles
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