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Arclight Searching for El Dorado New Edition Complete Japanese Version

Arclight Searching for El Dorado New Edition Complete Japanese Version

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Manufacturer: アークライト
Copyright: 4542325323021
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Designed by board game master Rainer Knizia, creator of various masterpieces, and nominated for the 2017 German Annual Game Award, the new edition of this masterpiece board game is now available in a fully Japanese language version.
The goal of the players is to be the first explorers to reach the legendary golden city of El Dorado, located deep in South America.
Each player starts the game with the same deck of cards, but as the game progresses, each player acquires new cards and adds them to his or her deck to enhance its contents, creating a deck that is uniquely his or her own.
The cards that make up the deck represent cooperative players and useful tools, and players must utilize the power of the cards they have acquired to navigate the map on the game board toward El Dorado.
In order to win the competition against rivals, how to proceed on the map and build your deck. You will need to develop a solid strategy to take on the challenge.
This is a masterpiece of a board game by a master game developer that brings a new twist to a major genre of deck-building.
Plan ahead and take advantage of the abilities and equipment of your best collaborators to get to El Dorado before everyone else does.

Product Summary
Price: ¥5,940 (including 10% consumption tax)
Players: 2 to 4 players D


: 45 minutes
Ages: 10 years and up

- Starting point tile: 1

Terrain tile: 6
- Small terrain tile: 2
- Goal tile: 1


Obstacle tile: 6
- Market board: 1 set
- Player board: 4
- Explorers' frames: 8 (4 colors x 2)
- Parent marker: 1
- Cave token: 36
- Starting exploration cards: 4 sets
Market cards: 54
(including 3 promo cards)
, Rules manual: 1 book
[card size: 56 x 87 mm]


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