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Alter Azur Lane St. Louis [Scheduled to be released in June 2023]

Alter Azur Lane St. Louis [Scheduled to be released in June 2023]

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Manufacturer: アルター
Copyright: © 2017 Manjuu Co., Ltd. & Yongshi Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. © 2017 Yostar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
List price: ¥30,580 円
EAN: 4560228206302
From the popular smartphone game "Azur Lane" comes a figure of the light cruiser "St. Louis" belonging to the federal nation of "Union"!

I three-dimensional figure full of seductive atmosphere smiling kindly.
The figure is sculpted with a gentle smile and a seductive atmosphere, and its fleshy proportions have been perfectly reproduced. Her glamorous body is shown through her fitted outfit, which is very attractive.
Her hair is made of clear parts and has a light finish with careful gradation and exquisite transparency. The coloring of the costume with pearl paint and transparency expression is also a highlight.
The outfitting is also reproduced with great power, and the finely sculpted mechanical parts and richly textured coloring give the figure a dense, detailed appearance.
The outfitting can be detached from the main body.
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