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Alphamax DarkAdvent Undeaddress Isis DX Ver.

Alphamax DarkAdvent Undeaddress Isis DX Ver.

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Manufacturer: アルファマックス
Copyright: ©Masaki Apsy ©alphamax
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EAN: 4562283281904
The third in the [DarkAdvent] plastic model series from Alphamax is here!

DarkAdvent] is a plastic model series based on Maki Asai's "Masinika" body, combined with beautiful girl characters drawn by popular illustrator Saitom, in pursuit of unprecedented play value.

The king of the underworld who has risen from the dead adorns Queen Isis, and death and rebirth begin....

The late Queen and Priestess "Isis", the late King "Ravuses XII", has been advented by the late King "Ravuses XII" in her rich and noble appearance. The queen's hand-delivered descent of the dead king is staged.
Ravses XII transforms from his coffin form to his undead form without replacement. He also comes with five different facial expressions to express his various relationships with Isis, sometimes holding her close, sometimes lending her strength, and sometimes protecting her while cheating on her.

Aisisys has all the elements of the STD, plus various additional elements exclusive to the DX ver.
In addition to the STD-included straight face, tampo-printed angry and embarrassed face, non-tampo-printed face, and decals, a sparkling face and tongue-licking face, which are separate expressions exclusive to the DX ver. are also added. Also included is a face veil to cover the facial expressions. For the chest, not only the regular outfit, but also a glimmering, tip-painted chest part is added.
Unique to the DX Ver. is the "Undead Special Parts", which can be combined with multiple parts to create various variations, allowing you to play with not only Isis & Loveth XII, but also with existing characters. Lovesses XII is also equipped with an LED light-emitting function.
In addition, as an initial bonus, a special color runner is included to enjoy Isis' horns and bracelet in clear green.
Please enjoy the demonic charm of a world where the power of darkness has descended.
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