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God Hand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 Single-edged nipper for plastic model gates GH-SPN-120

God Hand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 Single-edged nipper for plastic model gates GH-SPN-120

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Manufacturer: ゴッドハンド
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Ultimate sharpness created by the ultimate ultra-thin single-edged blade!
Good sharpness improves finish and work efficiency!

Ultimate nippers are nippers that pursue the "ultimate cut edge" specializing in gate cutting.
When I try to slice a runner with a diameter of about Φ3mm, the blade slides in smoothly and finishes the cut almost without a sound.
Because it is sharp, you can obtain a smooth cut surface that looks like it has been sharpened with a design knife, minimizing whitening of the plastic (a phenomenon in which the cross section turns white).
Compared to general nippers, the cut marks are much cleaner, so it is also recommended for those who want to complete a plastic model without painting.

For the painter, even if the blade is aligned with the part and cut without leaving a gate, the cutting marks will not be dug out, so gate processing with a file or knife is minimized, and it is useful as a tool that greatly reduces time.
Even when cutting out small parts, the parts are less likely to fly away with a snap, freeing you from the trouble of searching for the parts that flew away.
The standard of force when cutting Φ3mm plastic is 2kg or less. (General nippers are 3.5kg to 10kg)

"Cutting edge" and "single edge structure" pursuing sharpness
The amazing sharpness of the Ultimate Nippers is created by the thinly sharpened "cutting edge" (cutting edge) and the "single edge structure" for more clean cutting.

・Ultra-thin "cutting edge" by craftsmanship
A thin and sharp "cutting edge" like a knife, which can be said to be the life of the Ultimate Nipper.
This "cutting blade" is created by carefully attaching and sharpening each blade by a craftsman from "Tsubame Sanjo", Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for blades.

・"Single-edged structure" for clean cutting
In order to obtain a clean cut surface, the Ultimate Nipper adopts a "single-edged structure".
"Single-edged structure" is a structure in which one of the blades is a "cutting blade" and the other is a "cutting board blade". It is called a "single edge" because it has only one cutting edge (cutting edge).
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