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Manufacturer: DOMINA GAMES
Copyright: (C) Fuueisha Co., Ltd. / DOMINA GAMES
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EAN: 4562452241302
In the name of the Most High God, come to me!

A terrible demonic army is now approaching this country.
The only way to defeat them is with an unknown word engraved on the ring the king received from an angel.

You are one of the four sages who challenge King Solomon to decipher the sacred words.
But when you start the game, you only have a dilapidated estate and a small mansion.
Start by gathering resources, building territories and equipment, and learning the forgotten art of summoning.
You can get great help by summoning mythical beings from ancient spellbooks.
And above all, their heavenly wisdom is the greatest clue to decipherment.

Of course, the demons will not let the attempt go unnoticed.
Decryption will be extremely difficult if there is no way to prevent severe attacks.
Will you be able to accomplish this great feat and become a national hero?

In addition to the normal mode for 2 to 4 people, it also has a mode for 1 person.

Number of players: 1-4 Playing time: 20-120 minutes Target age: 12 years old and over Game design: Y.Ohashi
Illustrations: cyawa, Hasumi Yuki, kobuta, kokitune, kz7, RiE, sachi, yumo, ragi, melon, brown sesame, tiger tail, Den Torihashi, eggplant, bakugo, Fukunouchi, maya Yamada
Card size: 89 x 63mm

[set content]
Sage card x 4
Equipment card x 86
Magic book card x 80
Solo devil card x 3
12 solo calamity cards
Summary card x 4
Mana count card x 4
magic level marker x 4
Mana count marker x 4
Manual x 1
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