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Keepdry Gannagan

Keepdry Gannagan

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Manufacturer: Keepdry
Copyright: (C) keep dry 2019
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EAN: 4573576210013
Gannagan is a "high-speed dual-gun battle card game" in which two decks are used as dual-gun battles.
The player becomes a cyborg with two guns, and the goal of the game is to use the abilities and skills of each gun and musketeer to reduce the opponent's life to 30 points or the deck to 0.

① Start the game easily in 3 steps.
A card game that anyone can easily start by choosing one musketeer, two machine guns, and skills.
② Master the dual guns.
Experience the "2-deck system" in which you place two decks attached to two machine guns on both sides of yourself.
③Experience endless strategies.
Experience numerous strategies by combining one musketeer, two types of guns, and three types of skills for each musketeer.

Let's dive into the infinitely expanding world of Gunnagan.
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