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Good Smile Company chitocerium VI-carbonia adamas

Good Smile Company chitocerium VI-carbonia adamas

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Manufacturer: グッドスマイルカンパニー
Copyright: © GSC, huke, Masaki Apsy/chitocerium
List price: ¥6,800 円
EAN: 4580590154858
Size: 155 mm
Sculptor: Masaki Apsy
Maki Asai x huke x GOOD SMILE COMPANY's new plastic model series "chitocerium", the second "VI-carbonia adamas" will be resold.

Maki Asai is in charge of gimmick/accessories and body design, and huke is in charge of design work.
-The specially designed body realizes an unprecedented movable range.
The body and armament called "fragment" are completely stored in a hexagonal box.
- Replacement facial parts include one eye, blue eyes, purple eyes, and closed eyes.
-Except for the markings, it is reproduced by dividing the molding color into parts and partially painting.
-Marking has been changed to decals from the resale version so that it can be used on curved surfaces.
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