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Aoshima VFG Macross F VF-25G Super Messiah Clan Clan

Aoshima VFG Macross F VF-25G Super Messiah Clan Clan

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Manufacturer: アオシマ
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EAN: 4905083057230
The first lineup of "Clan Clan" that appeared in the VF Girl series in the play of "Macross F"!

A clan with a slightly childish atmosphere compared to Zentran size, which is not set in the play of "Macross F", first appeared as a VF girl. She wears the impressive blue VF-25G Messiah piloted by SMS member Michael Blanc, and comes in a super pack with the Dragunov Anti-Material Sniper Rifle. . In addition to the convertible kit that can be made by selecting the normal version, we will deliver a large volume of content that can reproduce the Armored Clan with bonus parts!

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・Color-coded molding, snap kit that does not require adhesive ・Exclusive coloring can be reproduced by pasting the attached stickers and decals ・Three forms of fighter, gawalk, and battroid can be reproduced by rearranging and transforming ・Choose between normal and super pack specifications Assembled type・By using special parts, the image of the Armored Clan can be reproduced・Comes with a monocle monitor for Snipe and the World Line of Happiness "Unbreakable Glasses"!
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