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Kotobukiya Zoids -ZOIDS- HMM Series Zoids Customized Parts Booster Cannon Set

Kotobukiya Zoids -ZOIDS- HMM Series Zoids Customized Parts Booster Cannon Set

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: © TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd. and used under license.
List price: ¥2,420 円
EAN: 4934054027187
Booster Cannon Set" customizable parts for HMM Zoids are now available!

The "Booster Cannon Set" of customizable parts for the "EZ-005 Reddler" is now available.
It can be attached to a wide variety of HMM Zoids with a variety of connecting parts, including a connecting unit that reproduces the "Double Cannon".
Equip your HMM Zoids with this powerful bombardment and speed boosting equipment, which is approximately 180mm in length.

The 3mm hole at the bottom of the booster cannon can be used to attach a dedicated part to connect to the main wing of the Reddler, or a versatile 3mm shaft part that is compatible with the design of the booster cannon.
The rear wing of the booster cannon is movable, and the rear nozzle is connected with a ball joint for flexible movement.
A unit to connect two booster cannons is included. The lower part has a 3mm hole in the front and a 5mm hole in the center. 3mm shaft parts or 3mm hole parts can be attached to the 5mm hole.
Clear parts for the sensor parts are included in addition to the clear green molded parts.
Decals with various caution marks are included and can be attached as desired for a precise finish.

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