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Kotobukiya Zoids -ZOIDS- HMM Series EHI-7 Redler Zenebas Imperial Specification

Kotobukiya Zoids -ZOIDS- HMM Series EHI-7 Redler Zenebas Imperial Specification

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: © TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd. and used under license.
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EAN: 4934054027507

The Imperial Army's state-of-the-art, supersonic battle machine beast!

The Dragon Zoids "Reddorah" is the first flying Zoid to join the HMM series on the Imperial side!
The beautiful red silhouette has a wealth of posable gimmicks built into each part of the figure.
Not only the familiar poses, but the head, tail, and legs can also be moved, allowing you to pose the dragon in any way you like.
Please be sure to add the dragon Zoids that attack at high speeds from super high altitudes to your Zoids lineup!

- The hatch of the head cockpit opens and closes, and a general pilot figure is included
for boarding.

The Zoid core built into the fuselage can be detached.
Retractable cutting wings can be deployed without interfering with the movable tail section.
The back intake and nozzle can be replaced with joint caps. The required number of joint caps are included.
The main wing "solar energy absorbing wing" can have a 3mm shaft on the top by replacing the parts, and can be equipped with two types of optional firearms.
Decals with various emblems and caution marks are newly included and can be attached as desired for a more precise finish.

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