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Kotobukiya HMM Series Zoids -ZOIDS- Gojulas the Ogre

Kotobukiya HMM Series Zoids -ZOIDS- Gojulas the Ogre

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Manufacturer: コトブキヤ
Copyright: (C) TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd. and used under license.
List price: ¥32,780 円
EAN: 4934054046010
Size: 370 mm
The strongest Zoid that turned into a beast demon appeared! To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the HMM series, "RBOZ-003 Gojulas" is back with "The Ogre specification"!

The total number of parts is about 1400, which is the addition of new parts to the normal Gojulas!
It is a super-large kit that has updated the largest volume in the history of Kotobukiya plastic models.
Boasting a long range, the "Long Range Buster Cannon" has a total length of 360mm and is equipped with a telescopic gimmick at the rear.
Furthermore, it is possible to attach it to an optional Zoid (eg Blade Liger, Liger Zero, etc.) with the Long Range Buster Cannon's "mounting part conversion attachment" that "extends versatility" as a customized part.
The hatch of the "8-barrel missile pod" on the abdomen unfolds in conjunction with the drawer of the sensor part, and the "power cable", which has been greatly arranged like the Iron Kong PK, can be moved flexibly with the specification that the lead wire can be passed through the inside.
Please enjoy the overwhelming power of "Gojulas the Ogre", which is suitable for the strongest Zoids.

The "Long Range Buster Cannon", which boasts a gimmick and a long range, is reproduced in a large size with a total length of 360 mm.
The large magazine parts can be removed from the Canon body as separate parts.
In addition, the rear part of the cannon is equipped with a drawer-type telescopic gimmick. You can enjoy the action that imaged the time of bombardment.

・The "mounting part conversion attachment" of "Long Range Buster Cannon" is a method that directly covers the Zoid cap and has a "diameter corresponding to some Zoid caps released in the past", such as "Blade Liger" and "Liger Zero". Compatible with zoids that use the same zoid cap.

・The heat dissipation fins can be deployed on the back "energy tank".

-The abdominal "8-barrel missile pod" is a hatch deployment type, and the hatch deploys in conjunction with the drawer of the sensor part.

-The "power cable" is arranged as large as the Iron Kong Proizen Knights, and it can be moved flexibly because the lead wire is passed through the inside of the plastic parts.

-The large "stabilizer" attached to the tail can expand and contract the cylinder as well as move to become a posture control outrigger and support the huge Gojulas The Ogre.

-It is possible to expose the built-in "Zoid Core" by removing the main generator in the abdomen.

-The cockpit canopy can be opened and closed and a Republican pilot figure can be boarded on the seat.

-The "container block" at the tip of the tail can be opened and closed, the AMD 30mm beam gun can be deployed, and the "Maxar multi-purpose machine gun" attached to the side can be folded.

・The head fighting weapon "Hyper Killer Bite Fang" can open the huge jaw wide and roar by moving the pull-out shaft.

- Posing in a forward leaning posture is possible by moving the heel.

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