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Hobby Japan Skymine Japanese version

Hobby Japan Skymine Japanese version

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Manufacturer: ホビージャパン
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Mankind sought resources in the distant land above the sky.
50 years ago, humans began mining the moon and asteroids,
Since then, this task has been firmly in the hands of the World Government.
But in recent years, the business has collapsed due to turmoil.
Now, to revive this mining network,
Reckless corporations and individual investors are flying through space.
As an investor, players try to get the most Cryptocoins over 7 rounds. To do so, players invest mined resources into companies and establish outposts of these companies throughout the moon (or asteroid belt) to increase the value of those companies. Players can help scientists research and collect valuable helium-3 to improve their earnings.

At the heart of Skymine is a unique card programming and hand management system that requires careful and clever planning. This allows you to invest in 4 companies as you wish, resulting in strong interaction between players. Plus, the mix of corporate abilities changes from game to game, providing endless synergies and strategies to explore.

"Skymine" is based on the well-received "Mombasa", but the theme is changed to space development, and details have been changed. As a new element, you can choose the game setting from "Luna" (of the Earth's moon) and "Asteroid Belt" with different play feeling, and 3 additional modules are included. In addition, campaign play consisting of 4 chapters and solo play are also possible, greatly enhancing the play value.
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