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Hobby Japan Agricola 15th Anniversary Box

Hobby Japan Agricola 15th Anniversary Box

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Manufacturer: ホビージャパン
Copyright: 4981932026473
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15 years since the release of the masterpiece that was a turning point for Uwe Rosenberg!
The 15th anniversary BOX is packed with the recap and the fuss on the farm so far.

A card holder, component storage space, and a complete set of 'Artifex Deck' and 'Booblex Deck' all in a nice box.
An all-around fun package for all Agricola fans.

The stage is 17th century Europe.
The player becomes a farmer here, collects materials to build a house, increase his family, cultivate and harvest fields, build a ranch and raise livestock, and enrich his farm.
In addition to the fun of enriching your own land, there are over 400 cards in this game, of which the only cards used in one game are the 14 cards randomly distributed at the beginning x the number of people (the rest). are not used in the game).
Therefore, every time you play the game, you will have a new hand, and the game will change.
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