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Hobby Japan 3000 rogues Japanese version

Hobby Japan 3000 rogues Japanese version

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Who will rule the fate of the American frontier?!
a handful of cards. Thousands of possibilities.
As a hostile leader, the player tries to steal the valuable technology left by the mysterious visitor "Traveler". Hire rogues, build an organization, plan the perfect strategy, and bluff!
Hire a rogue!

Use clear cards to create 3000 rogues, each with a unique name, artwork and abilities. Up to 50 of these rogues are used in each game to ensure every playing experience is different!
Create the perfect organization, build powerful combos, steal tech and outmaneuver your opponents.
beat the enemy

Every turn, put one poker card face down in front of you from your hand and use all the abilities that match the number. The point is - you don't have to tell the truth! If your bluff is exposed, your reputation will suffer and the game will be harder to win.

"3000 rogues" creates unique rogues with a novel system using clear cards. You can hire up to 5 rogues, and their diverse combinations can bring you huge profits when chained well. The number of poker cards is an important factor in the player's behavior, but it is also important to use bluffs to outwit your opponent. You don't have to be honest about what you do or see.

"3000 rogues" is a game where you can enjoy tactics and engine building by bluffing, with different developments each time due to various combinations of rogues.
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